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Who is the Inside Guy?

I am Dwayne Dowman, otherwise known as The Inside Guy. I was, for 5 years head of some of the UK’s leading Forex Broker trading desks, witnessing the life changing success stories of FX Traders. In this time overseeing trading activity from the WORLDS BEST traders whilst observing the continued failure of over 95% of retail clients (and I can bet you may have been one of those).

I am now a full time trader and Forex mentor, making an annualised return of over 100% on my trading account. I consistently average over 800 pips per month, completely and independently verified and I am here to give you the same opportunity.

I give TIG MEMBERS the SECRETS that will DOUBLE your investment by this time next year. No BS. Genuine, Documented results!

Financial Market Trader Decides To Go Rogue…

..Revealing Closely Guarded Insider Secrets To Making Consistent Profits From FX

Everyone knows that the road to REAL financial freedom is knowing how to make consistent profits, month after month, doubling your investment year on year.

So how can you do this? Start a business?

You could do but giving up everything to start a business carries a very high risk, and the time and effort needed don’t always bring the rewards you might have hoped for.

A serious alternative is to learn how to trade the Forex markets, which requires a lot less investment and about 30 minutes of your time each day.

That’s what I’ve been doing for the past 7 years. Watch my video to learn more…

Why Am I Revealing My Own Success Secrets?

I’ve spent years overseeing trading activities with some of the world’s most successful investment traders. I’ve personally witnessed first-hand, massive gains and I’ve seen huge losses.

I learned from both… I learned how to trade successfully time after time, limiting any possibility of a loss by controlling my emotions and making the right decisions.

I’ve learned from those who lost consistently too. I learned how NOT to trade and how NOT to let poor judgement control my decision making process.

I learned about various trading techniques and strategies… from the inside. I was an account manager for tens of thousands of traders at some of the UK’s leading retail brokers.

For 5 years I was head of some of the UK’s leading Forex Broker trading, and I’ve seen things you would never believe.

Now I’m going to reveal everything… and there’s absolutely nothing ANYONE can do about it. I think anyone should have the chance to make easy money, just like the Trading Pros do… don’t you?

What I’m Prepared To Share With You…

First, I want you to know that anyone can make money from Forex. Don’t believe those who tell you it’s hard or complicated or too risky.

And don’t believe those who might tell you that you have to spend all day staring into a computer monitor, hoping to see the right signals and waiting for the right time to trade.

It’s all nonsense! Some of the most successful traders I have ever seen spend less than 30 minutes of trading. They just log on, place a trade, wait a few minutes and then cash in.

The rest of the day is their own to do as they please… or to happily spend the profits they have just made.

I’ll show you how to do this… and more.

Nobody else has the type of insider knowledge that I have. That’s why they call me… The Inside Guy and it’s why I’ve called my training course by virtually the same name (TIG).

Until now, nobody has been willing to share this money-making secret, but we are here to buck the trend of withholding this priceless knowledge and give you a life changing opportunity.

I’ll Teach You Everything You Need To Know

So what am I offering you?

I’m offering you the opportunity to learn a few basic but highly effective techniques based on my own extremely successful trading, and a few unique strategies that nobody else will ever show you.

Give me just a few days of your time, and I’ll show you what others DON’T know about Forex Trading. And it doesn’t matter whether you have never traded the Forex markets before or even if you have.

I’ll teach you how to do it right… and how to do it successfully and profitably, day after day, month after month.

I’ll teach you the importance of self-discipline and money management and why these two characteristics will dramatically help you grow your fortune.

However, you will only begin trading live when you are truly ready and fully confident. My mission is to help you get started quickly and get you into profit quickly too.

In just 12 months you could more than double your initial investment. Where else or how else would you able to do that?

Why You Should Seriously Consider My Offer

First, I have to tell you that my trading strategies are not based on some “get-rich-quick” scheme. Those are figments of the imagination. They don’t really exist.

Also, I should mention that my training course is for serious players only. By that, I mean people who don’t want to work for a living but do want to make easy money every day.

I average around 10% a month return on my own investments and you can too. The more you invest the more you make. Forex, like any form of market trading, is simply a numbers game.

I’ll show you how to maximise return and minimise any risk. And there are some truly amazing returns to be made… if you know what you are doing.

As your bank steadily grows each month, so does the value of your minimum investment, which brings bigger and bigger profits over time.

My method is designed to help you grow your wealth steadily over the longer term. It’s not based on making a quick killing. That strategy would involve just too much risk.

What’s Involved And What’s In It For You?

Like I said, my TIG training is available in an online, interactive format and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to enjoy the insider secrets I’m going to share with you.

We can do everything online, which is really convenient and costs much less too when you factor in the cost of any training seminars, travel expenses or even overnight stays.

Not only will I teach you everything I know about making Forex Trading super profitable, but I’ll also be providing unlimited email support thereafter, to ensure you continue to learn and continue to be in profit.

All the tools you need will be provided. I won’t leave you looking elsewhere for anything and I definitely won’t leave you behind. You can learn at your own pace.

Whatever it takes, I’ll get you to a position where you WILL become a confident and successful Forex trader regardless of your current experience level.

Just 30 minutes a day is all that you need to spend on your new FX businesses. But this only applies after you have learned my secret insider strategies.

Make Your Booking

Why My FX Training Course Could Change Your Life…

> Easy to learn training that anyone can simply copy.

> No previous experience or knowledge is necessary.

> Discover all the insider secrets to successful trading.

> Nobody else is offering this type of training, techniques and strategies.

> My unique system is not complicated or difficult to learn.

> Proven success strategies ensure you always make a profit.

> Only 30 minutes a day could generate an income for life.

Reserve Your Place On My TIG Course And You Can Expect…

+ A no-nonsense approach to sensible, consistent and profitable trading.

+ To benefit from the hands-on experience and insider knowledge of one of the UK’s most Successful FX traders.

+ To learn and use the same unique and proven trading strategies as some of the world’s most successful Forex traders.

+ To vastly improve your FX trading knowledge and profits, even if you are an experienced trader.

+ To learn how to profit from any Forex market, regardless of the environment, giving you unlimited trading opportunities.

+ To learn how to successfully trade in just 30 minutes a day… more if you want to.

+ Lifetime support from the whole TIG professional trading team. You’ll never be on your own.

Reserve Your Place Now!

Miss this and you could forever regret losing out on this time limited and unique wealth creation opportunity.


What time are the markets open?

The markets are open from Sunday evening to Friday evening (10pm to 10pm) – 24/5 as we call it!

Do you have a Verified Track Record?

I absolutely do. TIG believe in transparency of the highest level. If you cannot prove your claims or success, then they warrant questioning. At TIG we are transparent with live tracking of all our trades at myFXbook

How long does it take to trade this system?

This will vary depending on your lifestyle. What my strategy and principles do, is allow ANYONE from ANY background, with ANY lifestyle to successfully and profitably trade the Forex markets.

What times do I need to be at the Computer to trade?

This will vary depending on your lifestyle. I have personally taught my strategies to those who place their trades at the end of the day (taking just 10 minutes) to those who trade on an intraday basis and spend several hours.

Can anyone trade this system?

There are no limits or restrictions as to who can trade my secrets. One thing I must mention though, is all students must have discipline (key when it comes to trade and money management).

If you are making so much then why sell your secrets?

The fact of the matter is, nothing or nobody can ever eradicate my edge. My goal is to stop retail traders giving away their money to brokers and consistently losing by following out dated techniques and trading styles.

I am personally aspiring to be a fund manager, so what better way to earn my reputation than to teach my students how to personally generate success and a profitable trade portfolio.

What amount can I make from this?

The million dollar question! I am personally averaging 10% per month using the same techniques and strategies I teach on this course. However, this will depend on a number of factors such as your starting investment (bank) along with the ability to manage trades (time).

What starting bank do I need?

The minimum starting bank would be £3000

What returns can I expect to make?

I personally average 10% per month, though a majority of my students are on course to achieve no less than a 45% annualised gain. Equity draw-down is key here, and we always keep this extremely low.

What sort of risk do you have per trade?

I never recommend a fixed risk without knowing this market environment or asset we are trading.

The risk all depends on the market we are trading and the limitations (insider secret) this traded currency pair possesses.

I am the inside guy and know that RISK is one of the prominent reasons retail traders consistently fail whilst the profitable traders and big guys are consistently profitable.

Is this system mechanical and open to interpretation?

The strategies we use are universal in nature. Although not mechanical, everyone should be viewing the market in the same way, employing the same opinion from our proven winning techniques. Interpretation is a myth that excuses poor performance or failed systems.????

Would my returns differ from your shown on myfxbook?

Of course there are a number of factors that contribute to generating returns, and these factors include time, lifestyle and potentially investment size. Although returns may differ slightly this would not be because of a difference in market opinion, it would simply be due to one of the aforementioned reasons.

What support do you offer clients?

We offer a lifetime of email support

What about Brexit or flash crashes, how do you handle those?

All potential worst case scenarios are factored into our system deployment phase. Remember I was running a UK Trading desk at a well known brokerage when Swissageddon hit, Brexit hit and of course Trump won the elections. On each one of these occasions the consistently profitable traders revealed a secret, one which we share on the course.

Do I have to come to the office to learn this strategy?

We are so popular that we have created our online course. The material in this programme is an exact replica of that taught in our London offices.

Do you trade any other asset classes?

Yes, this 3 phase trading process is applicable across all asset classes. I always advise to use it on Forex markets as that’s where I have seen REAL and PROVEN success – for the purpose of transparency I prefer to teach what works for me and what has worked for the 4% of Forex traders who profit at a retail level.

What do you mean by interactive learning?

As part of our online training programme, we have integrated interactive aspects of your learning process. From ‘call your mentor’ to optional in house lessons, everything is constructed for you to learn our strategies quickly and easily.

How do I know what you teach can work?

Just view our audited results below!


Andrew, TIG UK member

TIG made a huge impact on my trading, now achieving weekly consistency. I hasten to admit it, though I have been trading as a retail trader for a few years who regularly lost or broke even. After the TIG course,with Dwaynes support, I am profitable. 

Szylvia London TIG attendee

With a fantastic amount of support, I am profitable. Focusing on just a few of TIG’s secrets, I am consistently making money. This is one of the most uncomplicated methods I have ever used.

Ranbir, London TIG member

Thank you TIG and Dwayne for such a clear, concise and optimum way to beat and make money from the markets. The confidence you have given me is priceless. The specific advice on money management changed my trading completely.

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#Verified Results

Since Dwayne began sharing his INSIDER SECRETS through TIG courses (beginning in October 2018), he has achieved a 122%+ growth on account

This equates to a 10%+ return each month with ZERO realised draw-down

TIG students are REPLICATING these results RIGHT NOW!